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Our Philosophy

The Williams' Family Child Care is where children and their families come first. We believe that everyone should be Living Out Victories Everyday with LOVE. We are committed to being a vital part of both child and parents lives. We will provide an environment where your child will learn at their own pace and will discover the world through key experiences.  They will develop a strong foundation upon which their futures can be built on. We will never forget that learning should be fun and that the innocence, joy and freedom of children must be protected by their caretakers.


The heart of Williams' Family Child Care is that we believe that children are filled with natural curiosity and bursting creativity. These attributes form the basis for learning journeys that are accomplished in a warm and collaborative environment and strong relationships with teachers and peers.

Health & Safety


We understand we operate a valuable service in our community and we take that responsibility very seriously. That is why the health and safety of our children and staff is of the utmost importance to us. We will make regular updates as new information becomes available. 

Our Health and Safety Practices

We are closely following guidance from the CDC, as well as state and local officials and health authorities, as we take extreme care to maintain our safe, healthy school environment for children, families, and staff. We have enhanced our already rigorous health protocols, such as:

      Protective Masks: Face coverings are required for any adult entering the facility  (we provide them to all          staff members when working at school with children). Please do your part to care for us, while we care            for you.*

Taking Temperatures: We are screening everyone (staff, children, parents, visitors, etc.) upon arrival for temperature and evident symptoms.

Limited Classroom Access: To curb the spread of germs and control group size, we are having parents and

family members remain in common areas of the center only.

Wellness Checks: Regular wellness checks are being conducted throughout the day. The parents of unwell children are notified immediately, to help stop the spread of illness. 

Safe (and Still Healthy) Dining: We are now only serving pre-plated meals to children.

Enhanced Health Practices: We’ve strengthened our existing cleanliness and hygiene practices (such as more frequent hand washing, and increased cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of  surfaces and items in classrooms).

     *Please note, where required by law or child care licensing, children will also be required to    

       wear face coverings.


In general, we are requiring that children and staff stay home from school for 14 days following the last potential exposure, if any member of the household has (or may have) a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. In addition:

        We observe the children’s health throughout the day and respond appropriately as needed if  we detect            any potential signs of illness.      


If your child does become ill at school, we will call you immediately so they can be picked up as soon as            possible. Should that occur, please be sure to pick up your child promptly for their well-being, and to                help us limit the spread of illness.


Overall, the best way to ensure our students have limited exposure to germs is by keeping children at home when they are ill and/or contagious. We ask that you please watch your child closely and contact your physician if your child appears to be feeling under the weather. Please remember your child must be kept home if they display any signs of illness.


We’re following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance for child care providers (CDC Childcare and K-12 Guidance) and their Travel  Advisory  ( 

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