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Teaching Environment

Diverse Learning Environments



The energetic Toddlers will enjoy the entire day in a world of play. We have some activity ideas for you to engage your active child while at home. On My Own activities can be done with little supervision, while With My Family are activities you can do together. Moving My Body activities are to help get energy out in a positive way, and these Helping at Home activities connect your child to your daily routines. Our educational approach focuses on interactive learning to development, growth, and achievement through milestone based curriculum.


The active learners, Preschoolers, will be centered on building independence.We are excited to share some experiences to keep your child engaged in learning at home. The On My Own box has an activity your child can do by themselves, while With My Family activities can be done together! Keep active and healthy with a Moving My Body activity, and maintain routines and life skills with a Helping at Home activity. Our educational approach focuses communication, literacy, numbers and hands on learning through milestone based curriculum.


Pre-K is a vital building block to kindergarten success. We're thrilled to share some fun ideas for your Pre-K to do at home. On My Own activities are things your Pre-K can do by themselves, while With My Family are activities you can do together. Moving My Body are ideas for ways to get moving, and Helping at Home activities are ways your Pre-K can help out around the house. The children will achieve significant development and advancements by learning to communicate effectively, and build collaborative skills, by working independently and in groups through a milestone based curriculum.

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Children Embracing in Circle

School Age

The eager School Age children will focus on maintaining their learning by staying on track. We’re here to help. Our teachers have been trained to support local school district distance learning so children stay on course with their studies.

We support School-Age students and their families as they face many challenges and changes in their local school district this upcoming school year, with flexible scheduling and even a full-day option.  Your child can bring a device from home to complete distance learning assignments with our help. (If you do not have a device, we will do our best to support you.) We’re here to back you up (plus your child’s teachers) and strengthen your child’s ability to finish school work each day.

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